5 easy steps to staying healthy

Let's be honest, sometimes staying healthy, doing exercise, fitting in that session to the gym is hard. Especially when you have to schedule it in amongst school runs, meal planning, cooking, diaper changes, after-school activities, work.... you get the drift.

It is hard. And when that 'free time' seems to miraculously pop-up, sometimes you may be utterly exhausted and the thought of a one-hour 'spin class' is totally not fathomable. So what can you do?

Staying healthy is not all about hitting the treadmill or going to the gym. Health is a mind, body and soul experience that incorporates it all. From your delightful morning coffee, to that regular lunch with girlfriends, or that weekly walk with the kids in the pram. Or maybe even a mindful yoga session.

It is also about eating right, being aware of yourself and giving yourself permission.

And staying hydrated! There are times that the day slips past me, it is five pm, I'm sluggish, tired and have little energy. Now, yes, it could have something to do with the kid packed day having taken over just a little, or simply, I didn't drink enough water. When I realise that I have had no more than one glass of water during the whole day, I begin to think that I can't blame it totally on the consumption of my children, life and parenthood.

So, here are my five tips to staying healthy:

1. Schedule in time for yourself just like you do everything else. That's right! You need to schedule in that time for your gym session, walk, or lunch with friends. Make yourself a priority from time to time.

2. Clean the kitchen. I am not talking about the cleaning with the dish wipe and spray. I am talking about an overhaul clean of all the unhealthy, sugar-induced, preservative-filled foods in your fridge and pantry. By cutting it all out and ditching it to the bin, there is no way you can go to it when feeling a little peckish. Put the clean, healthy and fresh produce back into your kitchen.

3. Don't set your goals too high. If your goal is to exercise more, start slowly. Be realistic and be smart about what your goals are and how you are going to achieve them amongst your lifestyle.

4. Drink plenty of water. Water is so important to you! Don't forget to regularly hydrate yourself with clean and fresh water. Carry a bottle with you each day. Don't let five pm come round and have had no water! Choose water over a soft drink or juice. You will be amazed by the changes it makes in your skin too.

5. Change your mindset. Health should become a lifestyle, not a chore or burden to fit in. The more you think of 'healthy living' as part of your everyday life like brushing your teeth, the more you will feel in control and able to achieve your goals.

6. Add healthy supplements and clean food into your diet. {shameless Kakadu Plum plug here} but it works! A teaspoon a day in your water bottle or on top of your breakfast is a sure simple way to add a daily boost of vitamin C and antioxidants into your body. All natural. Vegan too! 

As Michelle Bridges says,

"It's one thing to think it, say it or even quote it. But it's a whole new level to actually live it. It's what you do that counts."

I am always carrying a bottle of water in my bag for myself and the kids. I exercise regularly, have my daily salad for lunch and am always taking 'time out' when I feel the need. Because a happy and healthy Mumma means happy and healthy kids, husband and family.

That is healthy living to me.


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