Jilungin + Maarr Tea


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Don't just try one tea! Try them both! 

Jilungin Bush Tea

Jilungin Bush Tea has a herbal and earthy taste and has long been used for its calming and relaxation benefits. Bruno Dann, Traditional Owner and Aboriginal Elder, says that this tea is known to put you to sleep... a long deep sleep. To experience the true magic, not only are the leaves picked, but the bark and stems too. Together, it is an experience of the whole plant. Once picked, everything is dried in large bags in the bush. It is as a true traditional wild tea.


Wild harvested by Indigenous Australians from the Kimberley, Western Australia, Maarr is native lemongrass tea. Known for its fragrant citrus taste and subtle ginger aroma, Maarr is great to drink with meals as it aids digestion and freshens the palate. 

Scientists at Griffith University have discovered native lemongrass is as potent as aspirin in relieving headaches and migraines. Read more here.

Customer Reviews

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Sorry I have resisted posting this review, as it's not positive.
We found them both comparitivel tasteless unless you use a lot.
My son drinks the Jilingun but describes it as just ok, compared to herbal teas/ green tea not as good.
The Maarr has nothing going for it, vaguely tasting of lawn clippings it won't get used except as a curiousity.
The chocolates however are sensational & highly recommended,way better than other vegan ones we've tried. Sorry to be brutal, team.

Maarr + Jilungin tea

Maarr tastes like the Australia bush. You can taste and feel the wild freedom and joy in the Maarr. Its fragrance buzzez with a wild exuberance and holy resonance. Goes well with jarah honey.


love the tea, it is so refreshing, thank you XX

Yumyy tea

It's so nice to have Native teas. Both the Jilungin & Maarr teas are light but with lovely earthy flavours. Thanks Kakadu-Plum-Co, two really great products.

Really lovely refreshing tea...pleasantly surprised

I have only tried the Maar tea so far, and I’m still trying out different serving sizes...but it’s a really lovely, refreshing tea. Why 4 stars and not 5? It would be better if the definition of “small” was made in teaspoons, and if it needs to be crushed, would make more sense that it was packaged pre-crushed.
Hence my need to experiment with serving sizes

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