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Jilungin Bush Tea

Jilungin Bush Tea has a herbal and earthy taste and has long been used for its calming and relaxation benefits. Bruno Dann, Traditional Owner and Aboriginal Elder, says that this tea is known to put you to sleep... a long deep sleep. To experience the true magic, not only are the leaves picked, but the bark and stems too. Together, it is an experience of the whole plant. Once picked, everything is dried in large bags in the bush. It is as a true traditional wild tea.


Wild harvested by Indigenous Australians from the Kimberley, Western Australia, Maarr is native lemongrass tea. Known for its fragrant citrus taste and subtle ginger aroma, Maarr is great to drink with meals as it aids digestion and freshens the palate. 

Scientists at Griffith University have discovered native lemongrass is as potent as aspirin in relieving headaches and migraines. Read more here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Great product, brilliant service.

Many thanks for the teas which arrived promptly and are most enjoyable.

Jilungin tea

Have tried the Jilungin tea and find the taste nice, am yet to feel the benefits of a better nights sleep, but will keep trying.
On another note, I purchased extra products to receive the bonus gift of chocolate, but when I ordered it would not let me select this, and I was hoping it was clear I had purchased items to receive this, but no chocolate turned up with the order, thanks

Natures sleep tonic

I have been drinking a cup of Jilungin tea before bed each evening since I received it. The tea relaxes me and helps me fall asleep much easier and I am sleeping longer before the inevitable early wake up. Feeling much more rested. It tastes really good - an Aussie green tea. Cheers

Good service

Thank you for a quick efficient service and follow up. Lovely products, I shall be getting more !

Tea Lover!

I’m loving my teas so far, I’ve had more Jilungin than Maarr and find the Jilungin relaxing before bed as suggested. I might not be using enough Maarr but I can’t taste/ smell the lemon, maybe I’m too tuned in to Lemon Myrtle. Two packs are for a gift so will have to wait to hear my daughters reaction after her birthday.

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