How to use


Kakadu Plum Powder is one of those superfoods that you can add to just about anything. 

Add to: Smoothies, juices, protein shakes, salad dressing 

Sprinkle on: Salad, breakfast bowls, sweet potato fries

Make with: protein balls, muesli bars

... get creative

To maintain as much of the medicinal properties we recommend to avoid baking with your Kakadu Plum Powder.

Don't go overboard with your quantities, the recommended serving size goes a long way. 

One serve is about a teaspoon (3g). 



Lemon Myrtle is a beautiful herb and natural lemony seasoning that is a perfect addition to many recipes. 

Add to: cakes, ice cream, dressings, smoothies 

Sprinkle On: salads, soup, pasta, cereal, fish, chicken 

Use in: marinades, protein balls, bread, sauces

.... get creative.



Our wattleseed is roasted and ground. It tastes a little chocolatey coffee. It is a beautiful herb that can be used in a variety of different way: 

Add to: cakes, icecream, marinades, smoothies 

Sprinkle on: salads, cereal, fish, soup 

Use in: protein balls, bread, sauces, cookies