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Wattleseed - Kakadu Plum Co
Wattleseed - Kakadu Plum Co

Wattleseed tastes and smells a little like roasted coffee with a touch of chocolate and hazelnut.

Wattleseed is one of Australia's native superfoods that is also packed with nutritional goodness. It contains potassium, calcium, iron and zinc and is an all round amazing product for your body.

It produces an exquisite aroma and flavour to many culinary cuisines.


Add to: cakes, ice cream, dressings, smoothies

Sprinkle on: salads, scrambled eggs, yogurt

Use in: marinade, jams, cakes, biscuits, bread, muesli bars, protein balls... get creative with #theplumpower

please note: Our wattleseed is wild harvested. Due to the seasonal nature and availability, our blend may vary slightly due to the seeds available.  

Wattleseed - Kakadu Plum Co
Wattleseed - Kakadu Plum Co

Customer Reviews

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Not a lot there to taste

I used it as a sprinkle over fruit and yoghurt, but I was disappointed in the lack of flavour. I’ve been using, with great pleasure for the past two years, a wattle seed exfoliating cream made by a woman who has become a friend nearby. I adore its chocolatey scent and scrub. This powder seemed too finely ground to provide such a sensation.

Health benefits

Have recently had 5 weeks in Hospital,slow recovery.Whether the Wattleseed and Kakadu Plum powder I commenced consuming contributed to my slow recovery have no idea,but It may have as I am feeling better

Indigenous bush foods - a new & wonderful cooking adventure

Not only am I thrilled with having purchased such a wonderful product, but I am thoroughly enjoying using native wattleseed in my baking - the flavour is amazing!.
I look forward to exploring more indigenous bush foods and supporting our indigenous communities.


Ive been trying to eat foods that are good for me and ive been trying to not use so many pharma meds, My Dr ihave given me 2 months to see how things go.My Dr use to work in remote communities so im lucky, i have several heath issues, i put watleseed on my vegtables nightly” pumpkins great” it tastes like a nutty choclate . Also i believe wattleseed contains magnesium and potassium which is good for many alelments

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