The Plum Project

The Plum Project was created in 2018 by Tahlia Mandie after visiting remote communities first hand and realising the need to preserve, honour and assist in preserving traditional culture and practice in the Australian bush food industry. 

1. Support Aboriginal communities in the development of bush food commercialisation through sustainable infrastructure and resources

2. Harness cultural acceptance and heritage everyday among all Australians 

3. Partner and collaborate with communities, organisations, researchers and leaders to further help develop the preservation of Indigenous culture, Australian bush foods and economic exclusion.

In the Nyul Nyul tribe there were two old men, elders, bush doctors, grandfathers of our tribe. They were professors of the land and knew what it held. It was them that instructed us men in land caring and it was our job to keep the country safe from fire and make sure that the trees were healthy and fruited regularly.

— Bruno Dann

Through the generous donations and many given from a portion of sales from our chocolate, we have been able to purchase an enclosed trailer for community to help with their bush food harvest. Utilities and transport in remote Indigenous communities is vital and it is our honour to be able to help assist with this through our charity. 

The Plum project is a registered Tax Deductible Charity. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. You can donate here and read more about The Plum Project here.