About Us

Kakadu Plum Co. is  a social enterprise that celebrates Indigenous culture and traditional Australian bush foods. 

Kakadu Plum Co exists as a vessel to celebrate Indigenous culture everyday through food, broadening the exposure of traditional Australian bush foods and ingredients. 

We are not an Aboriginal owned business. We work directly with Traditional Owners and Indigenous Australians who wild harvest many of our foods, including Kakadu Plum and our bush tea range. The communities and individuals we work with set the price for the foods grown on their land and we pay them directly. We believe that the more we can foster and help engage Indigenous Australians forage and engage in traditional practice and help them grow their bush food business on country, the more impact we make. 

Our products provide a valuable way for the broader Australian (and the world) community to connect with 'the oldest foods on earth' and our traditional Indigenous produce. 

About Us

Honouring culture and story 

Kakadu Plum Co. is dedicated to honouring the cultural importance and significance of storytelling. We work directly with Traditional Owners and Indigenous Australians who help us communicate to ensure the true meaning and relevance.

How Kakadu Plum Co. started.

Kakadu Plum Co. started back in 2015 when founder, Tahlia Mandie, saw everyday Australians opt for international superfoods for their health benefit. A little puzzled and not really liking this movement, she asked if Australia had its own superfood knowing instinctively about bush tucker foods. We released our first product, Kakadu Plum Powder at the end of 2015 after taking a punt that Australia would hopefully embrace our Indigenous bush foods. And they did!  

Tahlia (who is not Indigenous) became more and more connected to the Indigenous people and community harvesting Kakadu Plums. While on country in January 2017 she learnt about all the other bush foods growing on land. Jilungin Bush Tea was one of them. Tahlia knew she had to also share this product with the world and continue to support the community in more ways than one.