"My old people knew this tree had very special medicine," Bruno Dunn

Kakadu Plum Co. celebrates ancient Indigenous superfoods … but we are at risk of losing them. We exist to preserve the culture and celebrate the history. And our products are actually good for you too.

Kakadu Plum, or Gubinge, our native Australian superfood, has long been considered a gift of the Dreamtime. For centuries, there has been belief that Kakadu Plum and other native foods can be medicine for many people. You have the power to impact our Australian native food industry too. We started with Kakadu Plum. We are a supplier of Kakadu Plum. We continue to expand our range with Wattleseed, lemon myrtle and a collection of bush teas, including Gulbarn Tea. We celebrate Indigenous culture through food. Come on our journey.  

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