Our impact

Did you know there are over 5000 native bush food varieties? 

We have the oldest foods on earth grown in our own backyard. But we could lose them. 

We believe in an Australia where Indigenous people and culture thrive and is celebrated everyday. 

We want to change perceptions. We want to change behaviours. We want to celebrate our traditional bush foods and bring them into the homes of all Australians and the world 


our impact


At Kakadu Plum Co. we commit ourselves to being able to contribute to the Aboriginal Indigenous communities. The value and magic of native Indigenous bush food has been generally unknown to non-Indigenous people for years. Now, Kakadu Plum Co. wants to bring awareness about the importance and value of not only Kakadu Plum, but the Australian Native Food Industry as a whole. 

By increasing awareness we hope to expand the harvesting process that not only will provide more fruit for everyone to enjoy, but will hopefully provide a greater working ecosystem for Aboriginal families and communities that often lack funds and resources to sustain the growing demand. Our Kakadu Plum Powder has been wild harvested from a community in the Kimberly Region that is managed by Traditional Owner Bruno Dann and his partner Marion.

Bruno was part of the stolen generation. No one could keep him away from his traditional land and wilderness heritage. Bruno and Marion have developed cultural tours and workshop, teaching the ways of the traditional Nyul Nyul people while similarly promoting land care and management. The picking season goes from December to March, depending upon the weather. The pickers and harvesters get paid a fair and ethical wage per kilo, so come Kakadu Plum season, everyone gets out on the land and picks. It is a project of sustainability and stability for the Aboriginal people. For one specific community, the harvest period of collecting about six tonnes of fruit can inject over $60,000 back into the community. 

The Kakadu Plums are 100% wild. That is, they are grown on the land, with absolutely nothing but the natural earth, water and environment sustaining them. It is more organic than organic. The plums are then dried and milled into a fine powder, making our Kakadu Plum Powder. 

Our Jilungin and Maarr Bush Tea is wild harvested by the same community that harvest our Kakadu Plums. We buy this product directly from the community. That is, all funds are 100% directed back into Indigenous community. The tea is grown wild on their land, similar to the Kakadu Plums. They are picked and then dried on the community shed. It is pure, raw, natural and full of incredible antioxidants. Traditionally, Bruno would drink Jilungin Tea to relax him and put him to sleep.

Kakadu Plum Co. also works  with other Indigenous communities and enterprises by showcasing their products. We work with local growers and farmers for a range of other bush foods and produce.

Through the continued purchases of our products, we are able to continue to buy stock and product from the Aboriginal communities. Without these purchases, without you, we would not be able to make this impact. 


At Kakadu Plum Co. we want to continue our impact as far and wide as we can. Our products are packaged locally in Melbourne by a company that employs individuals with a disability. Not only providing the highest standards in food preparation and handling, our packing company provides an ecosystem and employment for people in need. We are proud to be able to provide impact on this level as well.


In 2018, Tahlia created The Plum Project, a charitable foundation funding bush food projects and employment opportunities in community. 

The Plum Project was created  by Tahlia after visiting remote communities first hand and realising the need to preserve, honour and assist in preserving traditional culture and practice in the Australian bush food industry. Please feel free to read more about The Plum Project.

33c from every bar of chocolate goes back into this Project. Our chocolate tastes good and does good!

All donations over $2 are Tax Deductible.