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Thankyou. Amazing.

I would just like to say thank you do much for your prompt and professional service.
As usual, the packaging is beautiful and the contents even better!
The spices are fresh and amazingly fragrant and the greeting cards I purchased are simply stunning!
The free chocolate you included with my order is absolutely delicious and very much appreciated.
I am so pleased to have discovered your company and wish you all the very best for the future !

Kakadu Plum Powder

I read about the anti-cancer benefit of this plum on TV and print before. I bought it for my friend who is going through chemo treatment now as the high content of vitamin C would boost his immune system and hopefully the anti-cancer benefit will also reduce the cancer tumour. The product was delivered to my friend overseas within 2 weeks. I also recently ordered it for my health maintenance and added it in my smoothie.

Thank you

I received a gift pack from my daughter in law for my birthday and just love your products and company policy , so I’m now reordering what I’ve run out of ,keep up the great work , Cheers

Your products are just gorgeous
This one was a gift for my friend’s birthday and she loved them
Thank you

Incredible! The best!

Just wanted to let you all know how much we are enjoying the bush tea- it’s so good!! I love the process of crushing a bit in your hands before steeping it. It’s tastes delicious, and the sleep has been peaceful.

thankyou. Gorgeous.

I just wanted to send a MASSIVE THANK YOU to you. I received my order today #16778 and this may sound silly and an overshare, but I had to hold back a tear when I smelled the Bush candles and the Skin Soothe Balm. I grew up in country WA only metres from the bush and these were scents from my childhood that flooded back. I can't thank you enough; between the borders being closed and having to spend the VIC lockdown alone and missing my family in WA - these helped so, so much. Thank you.


My Mother suffers from gout and this tea has giving her relief from the pain. This was unexpected plus

Thank you Tahlia

It is wonderful that you have given people like myself, a way to connect with our Indigenous friends, so I thank you.

Our family love your Australian herb teas for it's many benefits. And I'd like you to know how much they are appreciated abroad as well. My son has lived in Germany for 10 years as a musician (unable to find work here) and now he and his partner just love your amazing tea and so most of this shipment will be going overseas for their enjoyment.

Thank you again.

Thank you. Can't wait.

I bought the Davidson’s Plum powder for my husband for a Valentine’s gift. He hasn’t opened a jar yet, but I’m eagerly awaiting this to occur to try it for myself!!

I have planted a Davidson’s plum tree here in Cairns and look forward to having our own fruit sometime in the future!

Very special products

I gave the hamper pack as a gift, very well received and amazed by the interesting products and the business itself is inspiring.
Thanks again!

Kakadu Plum Powder.

I have the Kakadu Plum powder over my yoghurt every day and it tastes great. Tried it in water but did not like taste( personal opinion only). One of the cats in the household even likes it yoghurt.

Much better sleep!

As someone who has long struggled with getting to sleep/staying asleep because of an over-active mind, I do find that drinking this tea in the evening does seem to help. Afterwards I usually get to sleep easily and have a deep, satisfying sleep. Really happy to have found it!

Lemon Myrtle Magic

Love the zing this powder adds to so many dishes.

Beautiful jigsawpuzzle

This jigsaw puzzle is exceptionally beautiful, intricate and a joy to put together. Can't wait to frame it and hang it on my wall. It's just gorgeous

I can’t get by without my Wattle seed

Lovely product
Great to support our indigenous products
Very efficient purchase and delivery
Can’t get by without it

Fresh to the taste lime

I love this powder it is so refreshing I made a Panna cotta and added 2 level teaspoons of Desert lime powder I wasn't sure if it would be too strong
but it was a lovely delicate taste and so refreshing..
Its not only the the wonderful taste of these powders it is for me too the thought of the products being hand picked
that makes them all the more delightful to use. I put a lot of thought into what i place into my body, so its a holistic
approach to what i use in my food. I like things simply so my food preparation is also simply mostly eating raw food
and freshly made juices . I will review the other products as I begin to use them . I thank the Kakadu Plum co for making these products
and thank the indigenous people for their love of sharing these beautiful foods with us . Prue

So beautiful

Just wanted to say thanks for the prompt delivery and the fact that you handwrote my note on the inside of the mailing box -- that makes it feel so personal! My sister sent a photo and she said it's all so beautifully packaged.

amazing. thankyou

Hi Kakadu Plum Crew🙋‍♀️

Just wanted to send you a quick "Thanks Very Much" email!

My recent purchase from your webstore was a birthday gift for a special niece. I am very pleased to let you know that it arrived super quick to her and she absolutely loves it - the puzzle was a real winner 🙂

Thanks again for your efforts and your wonderful range of products 👏👏

A wonderful addition!

What an amazing product!!! I am LOVING the flavour in my breakfast smoothies & on my ice cream. It’s sweet & tart at the same time, just a sprinkle on ice cream, or on the top of pancakes - it reminded me of jelly crystals when I was a kid. I’ll be buying a lot more of it!!!

Best gift

Great gift. Prompt delivery. Wonderful products. I’ll certainly be ordering more!

Thank Goodness!

I have a (big!) problem sleeping. I’ve used antihistamine, CBD oil, and Valium for a long time. However, none are desirable for extended periods of time and the effects of each diminish over time. This tea is a game changer-works better than all of the above. Seriously. So relieved I’ve found this product.

Need to buy more

I’m buying more chocolate for presents.... because I ate the last two I ordered. Love the chocolate. I’m also enjoying the bush dukkah
which I add to a lot of things and will give as presents. I love the artwork too .

What better way? !

Thank you, very happy to support when getting awesome products, we have the Kakadu Plum powder in our protein shakes every single morning, helping to keep us above the wellness line hopefully. What better way to get our Vit C.


Love my new cushions. They look stunning on my couch. Beautifully made to complement the designs.

So yum me

I just received my Kakadu plum powder and have just ordered some more. I walk early in the morning come home and have fruit
with a little home made cottage cheese i am now adding Kakadu plum powder to the mix and it is such
a delightful light breakfast as I'm retired so don't need a heavy breakfast to get me through the day. I am very aware that as I eat lighter
now I need to make sure I get proper nutrition.So i know Kakadu plum is very good for me. I then follow that with a fennel and Cardamon tea I make which has all helped my stomach.