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Unique Jewellery Beads from Australia now online

Aboriginal women from the Ninuku Arts Centre in South Australia are known for their unique gumnut craft beading and jewellery making. Their native jewellery making supplies and tools range from (tatu) gumnuts, quandong, and other native seeds from the bush. They forage the gumnuts to be used as beads, sort and clean the new seed supplies they like on offer, and wait for them to dry before they add beads together.

The best gumnut beads are carefully selected and painted with bright colours, with the women then delicately drilling, sewing and beading to close the gumnut beads together to make a string of beads and wearable art. It is wonderful to see such connection to land and culture.

The beading is used to create beautiful jewellery designs unique to Australia and make a stunning gift or a special piece to add to your beads collection. The beads range include necklaces, bracelets, earrings and accessories. 

Beads can come in different sizes and be round or long beads. There is no glass items or plastic beads or product.

Beading pieces are made new by hand, and every bead is special, with the jewellery made available from by top artists from Kalka, Pipalyatjara, and Irrunytju communities of the Tomkinson Ranges.

Handmade Jewellery Making

Indigenous beads jewellery in Australia is not new, it is a cultural tradition and ancient craft. Jewellery making knowledge and beading crafts have been kept close to the community and passed down from generation to generation.

Jewellery making supplies

As native seeds are the predominant jewellery making supplies the number of gumnut beads is seasonal, site, and weather dependant. Thus beads supplies vary each year.

Traditionally, necklace beads have been worn by both men and women in ceremonies and one may still see such beads being worn on modern ceremonial occasions. To witness such contemporary occasions with the community dressed in beads is definitely an experience to recommend.

Every bead is different and all beads have a new look and unique designs as no two items and accessories are ever the same product.

Grab your bags, as gumnut beads jewellery are a favourite buying opportunity at markets and festivals, and a great way to support the Ninuku beads artists at a fair price.

Beads Jewellery we offer now available to Order Online

Bracelet orders we receive online are picked at random and no two products or beads are the same! If there is a specific beads colour combination you would like to add together, we recommend it is best to please order this online in the NOTE section and we will try to match it as supplies are limited.

Online orders over $100 receive free shipping (Australian online orders only).