The Many Health Benefits of Bush Tea

What is Bush Tea? (No, it is not Black Tea or Rooibos Tea)

The potential health benefits of plants has long been known by Australia's First Nations peoples. 

Traditionally, native plants were not only a source of food, leaves were applied for their natural health benefits and to combat and improve various ailments.

Leaves were used in a variety of medicinal ways, including heating leaves in boiling water and drinking the water like herbal tea, commonly known today as Bush Tea.

The Health Benefits of Australian Bush Tea

Unique Australian Bush Tea Benefits

Forget your common tea leaves, green and black tea and any herbal teas originating from overseas. No more imported green or black tea, African red tea, plain red tea, exotic iced tea, black or green tea, hibiscus tea, green rooibos tea or any other coloured rooibos tea for us.

Australia has its own native plants and ingredients. Australia has its own unique tea with beneficial effects. We don't drink black tea or drink rooibos tea, we drink Australian Bush Tea, six cups weekly and invite you to try our bush tea range.

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Supporting Indigenous Australians by drinking Bush Teas

We strive to support remote Aboriginal communities that choose to remain on country and harvest native tea on their lands and are wanting to share their incredible harvests and associated health benefits of native bush tea.

We also stock other Indigenous sourced tea that combine native ingredients for great tasting tea and beneficial health properties.

Wild Harvested Bush Tea

Kakadu Plum Co’s wild harvested Jilungin tea and Marr tea are sourced directly from the lands of the Nyul Nyul people in Australia’s North West. Like a herbal tea, both Jilungin Tea and Maarr Tea are known for their health benefits and are naturally caffeine free. The perfect natural true tea.

Jilungin trees naturally flourishes all year round and grows wild in the same vicinity as the native lemon grass, known as Maarr.

Sustainable Harvesting

Harvesting is done by the community in a sustainable manner, where separate areas are harvested at different times and then left alone, allowing the land to regenerate naturally.  Trees are pruned, but never too much, so they grow higher and wider, typically after heavy rainfall.

The Jilungin tea leaves are picked fresh and then dried under the searing North West Australian sun.

The pathways around where the teas are harvested are regularly weeded and in the cooler weather, typically at night, controlled burning is undertaken to help reduce fuel and limit the dangers of devastating fires taking place in the hot summers.

These land care traditional practices, allows biodiversity to thrive and sustains the natural ecosystems.

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Our Tea Range with Bush Tea Benefits

Jilungin Bush Tea

Move over Green Tea

We think Jilungin Tea is better than green tea.

Our sleepy tea, or Jilungin Bush Tea, has over 1200 positive reviews, helping people fall asleep and get a good night asleep. Jilungin Bush Tea has a herby, earthy flavor and has long been used for calming and relaxation benefits. 

We have ditched green tea for Jilungin's health benefits, as Jilungin tea is rich in powerful antioxidants which supports the immune system. A study conducted by the University of Queensland has shown the antioxidants in Jilungin tea exceeds the levels found in green tea.

Maarr Tea

Australian Native Lemongrass Tea - A delicious beverage

Known for its fragrant citrus taste and subtle ginger aroma, Maarr is perfect to drink with meals as it freshens the palate and is suitable if you suffer from digestive problems. Its health benefits are seen as a natural stimulant in aiding digestion and helping with stomach cramps, digestive problems and also headaches. Scientists at Griffith University have discovered native lemongrass is as potent as aspirin in relieving migraines, so it will be interesting to see how public health nutrition develops with this native tea.

Berry Myrtle Tea

What a tea combination

This tea, combines some of Australia's best native ingredients known for anti inflammatory properties to assist digestion, bone health and inflammation. The pink Rosella, combined with the Lemon Myrtle makes our tea look like a red tea. This pinkish, Australian red bush tea is visually stunning. Yes, the native tea combination provides this special Australian red bush tea with a a tangy base that pairs nicely with the deep, back-of-the throat heat of Tasmanian mountain pepper.

Lemon Myrtle Health Benefits

The health benefits of Lemon myrtle are widely known and include positive effects on skin health and bone health as well as boosting the immune system. Lemon myrtle can be enjoyed without having to worry about heart health, high blood pressure, blood vessels, blood sugar spikes or caffeine intake as it is completely caffeine free, making Berry Myrtle Tea a tea for all seasons.

100% Australian tea, Ingredients sourced by Indigenous Australians.

Mabu Mabu Tea Selection

We are proud to stock Mabu Mabu’s tea range. Mabu Mabu is a Torres Strait owned and run business established by Chef Nornie Bero.

The incredible tea range are titled ‘Kara Meta.’ In the language of the Meriam People of Mer Island in the Torres Strait, this means ‘our home.’

Mabu Mabu Chai Tea

This unique chai tea includes Indigenous spices of wattleseeds, cinnamon myrtle, and pepperberry, along with cardamon, star anise, cloves, and loose leaf organic rooibos, to create a delicious and aromatic beverage. Some might find Chai tea naturally sweet, we find Mabu Mabu's Chai tea tastes devine.

Blak Mint Tea

This full-flavour mint tea incorporates native peppermint gum and river mint, blended with the smooth, slightly earthy aroma of organic rooibos plant. Naturally Caffeine free. Wonderful tea, anyone that loves mint tea, will love Blak Mint Tea.

Aba's Tea

This aromatic tea includes dried strawberry gum leaf along with cinnamon myrtle, lemon myrtle and wild hibiscus flowers. The tea is named after Chef Nornie Bero's Grandma Aba, who always had a hibiscus flower in her hair, this aromatic tea reminds Nornie of home.

The tea blend is a wonderful stress reliever, high in Vitamin C and antioxidants quercetin.

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