Teriyaki Salmon with mixed greens

Of course, this is not real teriyaki, but it still tastes powerfully good. It evokes tasty flavours both sweet and sour, and has a touch of Australian native ingredients. Use what you have in the pantry. Strawberry Gum, Wattleseed, Saltbush.

This is what I like to call intuitive cooking; a handful of amazing ingredients mixed together in a casual and confident way. It is not complicated cooking. It is intuitive cooking; a recipe without a recipe. 

Salmon fillets

Soy Sauce

Native Ingredients 






Turn your over to 180 degrees. While it hears, make a teriyaki sauce with soy sauce, a dash of your native ingredients plus a healthy scattering of minced garlic and ginger. It should be a salty-sweet flavour. Then put your salmon fillets on a lightly oiled, foil lined baking sheet, skin side down. Paint them with the sauce and roast for about 10 to 20 minutes, brushing them with a little of the sauce along the way. Slide the finished salmon onto piles of mixed greens and drizzle with remaining sauce.

Top with Bush Dukkah and a sprinkle of Desert Lime

Cooking is not difficult. Just takes a little patience and experimenting.


Note: If you feel up to it, grill your salmon on the barbecue instead of putting them in the oven.

Recipe and concept adapted from The No Recipe Cookbook

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