Always Was. Always Will Be.

Always Was, Always Will Be.

The 2020 theme for NAIDOC week Always Was, Always Will Be. recognises the First Nations people have occupied and cared for our content for over 65,000 years. 

We are spiritually and culturally connected to this country. Always Was, Always Will Be. acknowledges that The First Peoples engraved the world’s first maps, made the earliest paintings of ceremony, were the first explorers, first navigators, first botanists, first farmers, first scientists, first astronomers and first artists. 

This week allows our nation to come together to acknowledge and celebrate. But similarly, and just as importantly, learn. 

As many people around the country are still limited in their travels and activities, I thought I would share a collection of resources and lessons anyone can partake in, no matter where you are located.

- Colouring in pages or colouring book – Something for the classroom or an activity for after school

- For teachers – here are some great resources - Indigenous Basket Weaving Workshop (hosted online)

-  Watch a collection of Indigenous focused movies or join in on the virtual Indigenous Film Festival

- Join in on the first ever AIATSIS Indigenous Art Market 

-  Join us in our First Nations Bedtime Story Challenge and also help raise funds for Common Ground Australia

Live stream chat wirth Indigenous rapper Barkaa about what ANIDOC week means to her world 

- The National Gallery of Victoria online events for families 

- Read story books by Indigenous authors 

- Cook a recipe using bush foods

- On Tuesday 10th the Sydney Opera House will host ‘Sovereign Ideas’ featuring a panel of young Indigenous Australian cultural thinkers and leaders speaking about stereoptypes and stigmas. Teachers resources are also available.

You will also find a heap of events in your local area. Here is a great list

“Learning about the significance of connection to Country is one of the first steps to showing respect for First Nations people. Learning about the land we live on enables us to become more connected to our true history, encourages recognition of the First Nations people and shows respect through action. To learn is to empathise and understand.” Wotobaluk and Wemba Wemba man Eddie Moore



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