Supporting Gulbarn

'It’s important to us to share Alawa culture, with the world, so that it can be widely valued and celebrated (and in this way kept strong).'

Welcome to our celebration of Aboriginal enterprises that we are proud to support and share story with. 

Many of you already know about or tried (or continue to drink) Gulbarn

Gulbarn is a business that brings the leaves of the melaleuca citrolens plant to the market as a herbal tea. Known as Gulbarn in the Alawa language, it has traditionally been used as a bush medicine for thousands of years. Gulbarn presents an opportunity for Alawa people to harness their land and cultural assets towards self-determination and economic empowerment, while presenting the rest of the world with the unique gift of enjoying a cup of Gulbarn Tea.

I first came to experience Gulbarn a few years ago when asked to be their marketing and business development manager. It was this time I learnt about the incredible roots, culture and heritage of this gorgeous bush tea. Although no longer working within the business, this enterprise still remains part of me personally and business value that we choose to support. 


Melaleuca citrolens also known as Gulbarn, has been used as a bush remedy for healing coughs and colds by the Indigenous people of the Northern Territory for thousands of years. Traditionally Gulban was brewed to drink, inhaled or used for bathing. In Community today, people still use it in baths for people who are ill and to improve a baby’s immune system. High in antioxidants, it can be brewed as a hot tea or served as a refreshing iced tea.

Have you tried Gulbarn yet? 

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