The Wallabies Sing. Did you hear the Anthem sung?

Sport is often a great equaliser, as when players cross the line onto the field of battle, everyone is judged the same and a person's background, race or religion are irrelevant when cheering for one's team and admiring the athletic ability of our sporting heroes.

There are times however, when sports and social issues collide, and can make a real impact in the sport and for a nation - think AFL legend Nicky Winmar, proudly pointing to his chest in response to racist spectators or NBA players kneeling during the American National Anthem in support of Black Lives Matters.

Well I believe the Wallabies team could have made a significant positive impact when they produced an historic first performance of an Indigenous national anthem at an international event.

Singer Olivia Fox sang Advance Australia Fair in the Eora language and then in English before the Wallabies’ final Rugby Championship Test against Argentina at BankWest Stadium in Sydney.

Every Wallabies player not only stood and listened to the anthem, they sung! Proudly! Made clear that they learnt the words to sing in proud unified solidarity.

Where to from here 

Fingers crossed, the first of many; the first step to encouraging other sports to follow. It takes just one poignant moment like this for a spark to sweep across the sporting world and indeed our nation as a whole.

Who knows, which event could be next. Perhaps the Boxing day test or even the AFL Grand Final?

Watch the anthem being sung via one of the links below:

Wallabies sing Indigenous language Australian anthem before Tri-Nations draw with Argentina

Indigenous language anthem at the Test was a nation-changing moment

National rugby players sing Australia's national anthem in Indigenous language for first time before match 

Did you watch the game? As always, I look forward to hearing your perspective and thoughts...

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