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We sat down with the amazing Tiffiny Hall to hear about what she has been doing, and get a few health tips from her too. I interviewed Tiff many moons ago when she was beginning her writing career. This woman is a serious Ninja, and such an incredible inspiration. She is changing people's lives in so many ways, and it is such an honour to have her share her own health and wellness insights with us. Thanks Tiff x 

Tell us about your new role with Cerebral Palsy Alliance

I am the 2016 Ambassador for Steptember, which is Australia’s leading charity health and wellness campaign, raising vital funds for Cerebral Palsy Alliance to provide life changing equipment and services for people living with cerebral palsy, as well as ground breaking research.

There are approximately 17 million people globally currently living with cerebral palsy, including 34,000 in Australia. Cerebral Palsy Alliance provides therapies and support to people living with cerebral palsy and their families.

I am passionate about getting Australians moving. That’s why Steptember, which challenges Aussies to take 10,000 daily steps or equivalent exercise, is a great way to become more aware of, and build on, individual activity levels and create new healthier habits. To donate to Steptember simply visit,

Why 10,000 steps? What is the magic number behind 10,000?

The World Health Organisation recommends walking 10,000 steps, or equivalent activity, a day to stay healthy and active. While the daily target sounds like a lot, there are more than 40 different activities that you can use to reach the goal including yoga, rugby and manual activities. There is really something for everyone regardless of physical ability and differing interests.

What are some other health and wellness tips you have to share?

My top tips on reaching 10,000 steps a day are:

1.     Marching dishes: a few nights a week, give the dishwasher a night off and wash the dishes yourself, whilst you wash the dishes march on the spot to increase your daily step count. 

2.     Letterbox laps: call a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while and whilst you catch up walk laps from the back of your house out to the letterbox and back. A 15 minute phone catch up will really clock up your steps. 

3.     Active ad breaks. Whilst watching your favourite show on the TV, every ad stand up and walk laps around the kitchen table.

4.     Return your shopping trolley back to the front of the supermarket instead of dumping it in the carpark.

5.     Mobile catch ups: instead of catching up with friends for coffee, catchup with friends for a walk. Walk and talk. 

6.     Walk the dog, even better find some hills to tackle.

7.     Treasure hunts are fun with the kids.

8.     Get off public transport one stop early and walk the rest of the way to work.   

 9.     Initiate a walking bus to school.

Your biggest achievement to date? 

Being a Steptember ambassador has been important to me and encapsulates what I love, health and wellbeing, for a good cause. Launching my new online health and fitness business called TIFFXO is also a big achievement for me. We are taking subscriptions soon and kicking off November 7th. It’s a 20 minute daily video workout with me, delicious flexible food plans, self defence tips and mindset and meditation advice and videos. 

Your biggest hurdles or challenges you have had to overcome?

Stereotypes. Wearing ribbons in my hair and loving full contact martial arts. Growing up all the other girls in my class in school did ballet and gymnastics and I loved Taekwondo. I was told many times to “act like a girl”. It seemed to me back then that you could only be strong if you sacrificed your softness, your femininity. I love being girlie, and I think it’s important we teach young girls to be strong, to follow their passions against the social norms, and to focus on how their bodies function – not weight, not how they look, not the best selfie they can take.

Your favourite smoothie recipe?

My GREEN GODDESS: Low- fat yoghurt, water, banana, strawberries, honey, spinach all blended to make your skin glow and fire your metabolism.

The motto you live by? 

What you think about you bring about. Own your attention.

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