Reconciliation - a message from Tahlia

Usually at this time of the week I am popping into your inbox with a cheer and a celebration of our products and new things to come. But it is not business as usual at the moment.
Like many of you, I am heartbroken at the devastation and world situation relating to racism and inequality. The last couple of days has touched me personally as I know it has for many of you. The images and videos seen make it even more shocking. 

I have had some time to reflect after seeing all the sadness and anger that is happening in the US and the loss of a man at the hands of racism and unjust power. And following on from Reconciliation Week, I feel this is a time for Australians to build greater eduction, awareness and knowledge about our Indigenous Australians, past and present. 
​I want to help build this narrative and discussion because I whole heartedly believe that with greater discussion, knowledge and education comes change. 
kakadu plum
What are we doing - and how can you help?
Since started Kakadu Plum Co. five years ago I have made it my daily value and mission to share stories, build awareness and share links and information of interest related to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We want to help create the best possible version of Australia. Brands like ours are part of a society and community and we have the privilege of both a voice and an audience. We must speak up and I realise that so many of you come to me and Kakadu Plum Co. for such content and article sharing, Thank you! You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram if you are not already.
Every little bit helps! This is a dialogue we need to share together! I encourage every one to do their research. Learn. Read. Watch. Listen

- Bruce Pascoe - Dark Emu 
- John Newton - The Oldest Foods on Earth
- Bush Tukka Guide - Samatha Martin

- A real history of Aboriginal Australians, the first agriculturists - Bruce Pascoe | Ted x Sydney 
Mentoring Indigenous Inmates | Uncle Jack Charles
- What is like to be Aboriginal? - Tui Raven 

In all this anger and sadness I hope that this can turn to greater peace, acceptance and love toward Aboriginal Australians and people of different race and culture. I acknowledge our Traditional Owners, past and present, and pay our respects to the land we stand on. 

Today, more then ever, I encourage you to Google MaboDay as on this day we honour a great Australian who fought for truth and justice. 28 years ago Eddie Koiki Mabo, a Meriam man from Mer in the Torres Straits Islands, changed Australian law and Indigenous Land Rights when he won his landmark case in The High Court. On this day The High Court recognised the special relationship Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have with the land, and paved the way for Native Title. 

*I will continue to share ore articles, insights and ways YOU can get involved via our social channels.

*I will use our platform and tribe support to advocate Indigenous knowledge and culture to be shared with our government bodies and leaders.

Kakadu Plum

Since launching Kakadu Plum Co. in 2015, I’ve made it a core mission to honour Indigenous Australian culture and knowledge everyday and share it with the Australian public and the world. Why are we still so unaware {and dare I say it, reluctant} to accept traditional knowledge that has been around for thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of years?

I strongly believe that together, as a united community, we can make a difference for the future for our people and our country.

Again, thank you. Sending love. Be safe.


Tahlia Mandie – Founder

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