Reconciliation - a message from Tahlia

Written By Tahlia Mandie - June 03 2020


Karen Rivers
June 19 2020

Hi Tahlia I remember my first contact with you as I asked the question about your connections with First Nations people . Love all that you say , wonderful photo – hands speak as body language . It is a great time of change & we must all keep up the momentum to ensure the future becomes a special space to live & share . I am reading 10 Doors Down by Robert Tickner . I knew Robert in the 1970s as a council community representative . He continued to push the boundaries , make changes happen & I sooooooo wish there will be young people doing the same today . He was always an amazing listener , very present in the moment , spoke always with people about what changes they needed & then action in an articulate , legal , kind way . Best wishes & I will always buy your goodies & I tell people & share choc . Little $ at the mo as I am 64 & may not work again but loving time in nature & making art so positive in many ways . Xx

June 03 2020

Thank you for your wonderful heartwarming post today. Your message is so clear and dignified. Although I acknowledge that a massive amount needs to change in Australia, I feel that the tide is turning and people are slowly waking up and realizing that we have much to learn from our Indigenous Australian Population. The stories, culture and art is truly humbling and the more I learn, the more I want to learn and share. So many thanks again for your post.

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